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Sriram Jayaraman - Arthagyan Financial Adviser

Sriram Jayaraman - Arthagyan Financial Adviser

SEBI RIA No: INA200011976

Sriram Jayaraman is a SEBI registered investment adviser bearing the registration number INA200011976. Holding an MBA from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, he brings over 27 years of experience from esteemed IT companies in India, the United States, and Europe. His journey as an investor in direct equity and mutual funds spans over two decades.

His primary mission as a financial adviser is to offer clients reliable, objective, and actionable advice at a fair fee. He is committed to never recommending any product to clients in exchange for commissions, whether upfront or on a trailing basis. In the spirit of transparency, he pledges to inform clients in the event of any potential conflict of interest and ensure that their best interests always take precedence.

The name "Arthagyan" holds special significance in his journey. When selecting a name for his website, he aimed to choose a Sanskrit name. "Artha," which means finance in Sanskrit, and "Gyan," which signifies knowledge, came together to form the perfect fit. His motto revolves around disseminating financial knowledge, making "Arthagyan" the ideal representation of his website's core mission.

Sriram Jayaraman is dedicated to serving as your trusted financial adviser, providing expertise, insights, and guidance that prioritize your financial well-being and future success.

B207, Chartered Madhura Apts, Uttarahalli Main Road, Bengaluru 560061.


Bharat Rao - Wealth Space Services

Bharat Rao - Wealth Space Services

FPSB No: IN150931

With over 15 years of extensive corporate experience in the Financial Services, Stock Market, and Investment Advisory domains, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His academic background includes a master's in Business Administration (MBA), which has further enriched his expertise.

As one of the select 1,300 Certified Financial Planners (CFP) in India, he has cultivated a strong passion and focus on financial planning, Wealth Creation ideas, Stock Market analysis, and Investment strategies. His primary commitment revolves around creating financial awareness, deeply comprehending clients' financial goals and requirements, meticulously devising a plan, executing it efficiently, and consistently monitoring progress. The ultimate aim is to nurture long-term professional relationships founded on unwavering trust.

His dedication lies in advising clients on investment opportunities and solutions that align seamlessly with their unique financial objectives. This advice is rooted in meticulous analysis and in-depth research, ensuring that every recommendation is tailored to the client's specific needs.

#132/A, 2nd Floor, 80 Feet Rd, opp. Canara Bank, Ashwath Nagar, R.M.V. 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094.


Dilshad Billimoria - Dilzer Consultants

Dilshad Billimoria - Dilzer Consultants

FPSB No: IN149985

Dilshad Billimoria assumes the role of Managing Director, Principal Officer, and Chief Financial Planner at Dilzer Consultants Private Limited. Her impressive credentials include being a holder of the Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) certificate awarded by the Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB). Dilshad boasts an extensive career that spans over 21 years in the financial advisory domain.

With her wealth of experience and her commitment to upholding the highest standards of financial planning, Dilshad Billimoria has established herself as a trusted professional in the field. Her dedication to assisting clients in achieving their financial goals and securing their futures has solidified her reputation as an industry expert and a pillar of excellence in the financial planning community.

Dilzer Consultants Private Limited is privileged to have Dilshad Billimoria at the helm, guiding the company with her expertise and ensuring that clients receive top-tier financial planning services that are both comprehensive and tailored to their unique needs. Her CFPCM certification serves as a testament to her commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in the financial planning industry.

404 Embassy Centre, 11 Crescent Road, Bangalore 560001.


Sathish Padakannaya - 90 10 Financial Planners

Sathish Padakannaya - 90-10 Financial Planners

FPSB No: IN150277

Sathish serves as the founder and chief strategist behind 90-10 Financial Planners, bringing forth a wealth of experience amassed over 15 years in the financial services and investment advisory sector. This extensive background enables him to provide invaluable macro-level insights that, in turn, shape and steer the micro personal finance decisions of our clients.

As a certified financial planner holding the CFPCM certification from the Financial Planning Standards Board India, Sathish boasts a strong educational foundation, including a PGDFA from the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai, and a B.Com degree from St. Aloysius, Mangalore. His commitment to lifelong learning is unwavering, and he keeps his intellect sharp through voracious reading, delving into both fiction and non-fiction literature. Beyond his financial expertise, Sathish is a sports enthusiast and a dedicated practitioner of yoga, maintaining mental agility by indulging in mathematical challenges and puzzles.

# 321, 2nd Floor, 36th A cross, 7th Main, 5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560041.


Vivek S G - Wealth Crafts

Vivek S G - Wealth Crafts

FPSB No: IN150477

Fee Only:

In 2019, Vivek S G established Wealth Crafts, driven by his extensive experience of over a decade as a Certified Financial Planner specializing in Financial Planning, Investment Advisory, and Wealth Management. Recognizing the demand for a Fee-Only Financial Planning service that could impartially guide individuals towards their financial objectives, Vivek embarked on the journey to create Wealth Crafts.

Although headquartered in Bangalore, Wealth Crafts extends its services to clients residing in various cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, and other locations across the nation. Moreover, the company caters to the financial needs of NRIs worldwide. Its unwavering commitment revolves around delivering the highest standard of service, and it remains dedicated to continually enhancing and expanding its offerings for the benefit of its clients.

#39, 8th main road, Gokula 1st Stage 2 phase, Mathikere, Bengaluru – 560054.


Basavaraj Tonagatti - Basu Nivesh

Basavaraj Tonagatti - BasuNivesh

SEBI RIA No: INA200010889

Fee Only:

Introducing Basavaraj Tonagatti, the visionary force behind BasuNivesh, whose journey from car mechanic to Certified Financial Planner is nothing short of extraordinary. Founded in 2011, BasuNivesh embodies his profound commitment to raising awareness about financial planning and ushering in a new era of financial literacy.

With an impressive track record as a prolific writer, he has authored over 700 articles on various facets of personal finance. This extensive body of work serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to disseminating essential knowledge that empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions.

His transformation from a car mechanic to a Certified Financial Planner reflects his enduring quest for excellence and his insatiable appetite for knowledge. BasuNivesh, born from this transformative journey, is a platform that seeks to empower individuals and communities with the invaluable insights and expertise garnered over the years. His mission is to illuminate the path to financial well-being and guide individuals toward their unique financial goals, helping them secure a prosperous and fulfilling life.

BasuNivesh is not just a company but a beacon of financial enlightenment, standing as a testament to his passion and dedication to building a financially aware and empowered society. His commitment to raising the bar for financial literacy and making a meaningful impact in the lives of many is what drives BasuNivesh forward. It's more than a mission; it's a journey of a lifetime that continues to inspire and educate individuals on their financial quests.

1446, Aastha, Sir M Vishweshwarayya Layout, 5th Block, Bangalore-560056.


S R Srinivasan - Sri Nivesh Advisors

S R Srinivasan - SriNivesh Advisors

FPSB No: IN151847 | SEBI RIA No: INA200013132

Srinivasan stands as a staunch advocate of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) philosophy, a proactive investor who has harnessed independent and impartial tools and methodologies to steer his own financial trajectory. His approach revolves around several core tenets that underpin his financial philosophy:

First and foremost, he believes in maintaining a crystal-clear vision of one's financial life, aligning every endeavor and aspiration with this overarching vision. This clarity serves as the North Star guiding all financial decisions.

Furthermore, Srinivasan underscores the significance of establishing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals meticulously synchronized with the broader life vision. These SMART goals create a concrete roadmap toward financial fulfillment.

With goals in place, he places great emphasis on formulating a pragmatic and achievable plan to translate those objectives into tangible realities. This plan acts as the blueprint, dictating every financial move.

Crucially, Srinivasan is unwavering in his commitment to making data-driven decisions, eschewing the influence of biased advice. His approach hinges on a foundation of objective information, ensuring that all financial choices are rooted in reliable insights.

At SriNivesh Advisors, the services offered are a direct reflection of Srinivasan's extensive experience and his arsenal of skills. Clients can expect a holistic approach to financial planning that draws upon the rich wisdom he has garnered over the years. Srinivasan is dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to take control of their financial destinies, providing guidance and solutions aligned with his unwavering DIY philosophy.

319, 18th G Main Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095.


Sudheer M - Prashidhi

Sudheer M - Prashidhi

FPSB No: IN150434 | SEBI RIA No: INA200010986

Fee Only:

Sudheer M is a dedicated financial planner based in Bangalore, offering comprehensive financial planning solutions to individuals across the wealth spectrum, regardless of their location. Holding the esteemed title of SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and operating as a Fee Only Financial Planner, Sudheer's primary goal is to provide his clients with truly independent and conflict-free financial advice.

Sudheer acknowledges the challenges of balancing professional commitments and family life, leaving minimal time for personal financial planning. Thus, he is wholeheartedly devoted to helping individuals achieve their financial objectives. Whether the aim is securing a comfortable retirement, building a robust financial foundation, or enhancing one's lifestyle, Sudheer's expertise and unwavering support are instrumental in safeguarding your financial future.

Unlike those who engage in the sale or distribution of financial products, Sudheer refrains from collecting commissions on recommended investments. His sole revenue comes from the fees charged to clients, ensuring that his guidance is exclusively aligned with your best interests. Regardless of your location, whether in Bangalore or anywhere globally, Sudheer is committed to helping you realize your financial aspirations and leading a more fulfilling life.

One of Sudheer's chief sources of pride is his dedication to financial education, empowering his clients to make well-informed decisions. His guiding principles of Objectivity, Integrity, and Transparency are encapsulated in his motto, "सत्यं वद। घर्मं चर।" ([Satyam Vada Dharmam Chara]), which translates to "Speak the Truth, Lead a Righteous Life." This motto underscores his unwavering commitment to ethical business practices and client-centric services.

620, Ground Floor, 3rd Cross, 16th B Main, Koramangala, 3rd Block, Bangalore, 560034.


Lovaii Navlakhi - International Money Matters

Lovaii Navlakhi - International Money Matters

FPSB No: IN149883 | SEBI RIA No: INA200010676

The journey to the top is one that many aspire to, but only a select few attain the distinction of being pioneers in their field. Lovaii Navlakhi's illustrious career in Financial Planning is marked by a series of firsts, highlighting the brilliance of his work. With nearly four decades of experience to his name, Lovaii Navlakhi has touched the lives of countless individuals through his invaluable financial guidance.

Following the completion of his MBA at the esteemed SP Jain Institute in Mumbai, Lovaii Navlakhi pursued his CFP certification, distinguishing himself as part of the very first batch of CFPs in India. Furthermore, he holds the prestigious title of the first certified financial transitionist (CeFT) in Asia. Throughout his remarkable career, Lovaii has lent his expertise to renowned organizations such as NELCO, Alpic Finance, Cipla, and Microland. In November 2001, after a brief tenure as Vice President, Personal Finance & Online Transactions at indya.com, he took the momentous step of founding International Money Matters Pvt. Ltd.

Over the past 17 years, Lovaii Navlakhi has been at the helm, guiding IMMPL to become one of the most prolific and highly acclaimed financial planning firms in the subcontinent. Cross-border financial planning is his specialty, a subject he is always eager to delve into. His charismatic leadership serves as an inspiration for every member of IMMPL, fostering a deep commitment to the customer-first approach he is renowned for. He firmly believes that every individual needs a trusted financial planner to assist them in realizing their financial and personal goals along life's journey.

101-103, Mittal Tower A Wing, 1st Floor, MG Road, Bengaluru - 560001.


How do I Find the Best Financial Planner in Bengaluru?

When you’re searching for a wealth adviser or a financial planner in Bengaluru, you may be wondering where to begin your search. More often than not, most people often ask “how do I find a good financial planner in Bengaluru?”. Locating a good financial planner can be challenging, but it’s not hard.

Here is how to find a good financial planner in Bengaluru:

  • Wealth Adviser Referrals: The traditional way of finding a financial planner is through personal and professional referrals.
  • Wealth Adviser or Financial Planner Association Websites: You can often locate financial planners through various association websites.
  • Using a Service Like ours - Best Financial Planners: Best Financial Planners helps you narrow down your search for a financial planner or a wealth adviser in Bengaluru you can trust.

Even with the use of referrals and association websites, all the hard work is still going to come from your end. This means you’ll have to interview and research the shortlisted financial planners in Bengaluru to ensure they’re the best fit for your needs. However, there is an easier way to find a financial planner: using Best Financial Planners helps you mitigate most of the hard work. We provide curated list of top 10 or best, trusted and reputable financial planners in Bengaluru you can hold in high regard.

What to Consider When Choosing a Certified Financial Planner or Registered Investment Adviser in Bengaluru?

Before you begin the process of choosing a financial adviser in Bengaluru, you want to be sure the advisor you choose is right for you. All of our financial planners in Bengaluru are highly rated and carry a proven success rate. However, you may want a wealth advisor who specialises in an area that’s custom-tailored to your goals.

Every financial planner or wealth adviser on Best Financial Planners carries a wealth of experience and expertise. However, each financial advisor will likely have their own area of expertise — an aspect that they’re best suited for. If your goals are long-term, short-term, high-risk, or low-risk, you want to be sure the wealth advisor you’re choosing is best for you.

Best Financial Planners helps you cut out the research phase of this stage by providing you with financial planners and their listed specialties. Simply look at the wealth adviser’s profile for the “best for” section to find a financial planner that matches your needs.

If you are looking for a financial planner in Bengaluru, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Qualifications, Certifications, and Accreditations: Find out what qualifications, certifications, and accreditations do the financial planner has? These do not necessarily make them the best financial planners, but at least it sets a baseline of expertise.
    • If your chosen financial planner, wealth adviser, or investment advisor is a SEBI RIA then make sure he/she is registered with BASL as it is mandatory. You can verify this be visiting the BASL member check website and by entering financial planner's SEBI RIA no:.
    • Also you must find out whether your selected financial planner is an individual financial advisor or a corporate (LLP or Pvt Ltd) financial advisor. Usually, individual financial planners are more keen to provide you a reliable financial planning advice or wealth growth advice as they are fee-only financial planners, however, there are a few fee-only corporate financial planners too. In India, corporate financial advisors can be both RIA and Mutual Fund Distributors, however, they can not provide both services to the same client. Whereas, individual financial advisors can only provide fee-only financial advisory services.
      For example - Following are 3 types of financial planners, wealth advisors, or investment advisers in India:
    • Another thing you must make sure is that your chosen financial planner MUST NOT be providing any stock tipping business activities. We do not list any such financial planners on our website, however, we CAN NOT guarantee if any listed financial planner is providing such activities.
  • Specializations and Type of Clientele: Then, find out if they have any particular specialisation or type of clientele? This can help you determine if they are best suited for your type of situation. For example: Find out if your chosen financial planner specialises in the investment advisory category you are looking for, such as, retirement, children education, tax planning, debt restructuring, etc.
  • Communication: Finally, find out what is their communication like? You need to know that you can communicate easily with them and that they will listen to your concerns and answer you questions in a timely manner. Overall, you need to be comfortable with your financial planner as you are usually dealing with some very intimate issues.

More about our financial planners in Bengaluru?

Most of the financial planners listed by us in Bengaluru are licensed, highly reputable, and discoverable through FPSB and SEBI RIA registrations. When we choose which financial planner to list for our website consumers, we go through a strict process of research that includes looking into the wealth advisor’s success rate, track record, specialties, and more. Whatever your situation may be, we’re confident that you will have no problem finding a financial planner that fits your needs and can get the financial planning job done at a great success for you eventually growing your wealth.