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Ramesh Agarwal - Assets Banking

Ramesh Agarwal - Assets Banking

Ramesh Agarwal is a seasoned Certified Financial Planner, boasting a decade of extensive experience in Equities and Derivatives trading. His role encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, primarily centered around evaluating and analyzing market fluctuations, which subsequently inform the creation of critical reports on emerging market trends. To excel in his profession, Ramesh has always remained acutely attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of the social, political, and technical factors that impact both the Domestic and Global markets.

As an expert in Equities and Derivatives, Ramesh understands the profound significance of societal and governmental policies. He comprehends that shifts in social and government policies have a profound impact on Equity Markets, necessitating swift and adept adjustments to an organization's approach and strategies. In his current role, Ramesh is entrusted with managing the Delhi and North India business operations of 'Assets Banking,' where he collaborates closely with a specialized team to navigate the intricacies of the financial sector.

Ramesh Agarwal's profound knowledge and extensive experience make him a valuable asset in the realm of financial planning and equities trading, ensuring that clients and businesses receive the highest level of expertise and guidance in an ever-evolving market environment.

Unit 478, C tower, 3rd Floor, Alphathum Building, Sector 90, Nearest Metro Station - Noida Sec 137, Noida UP -201305.


Anmol Gupta - Fincart

Anmol Gupta - Fincart

FPSB No: Investment Planning Specialist (IN55452)

FinCart is a comprehensive financial planning and advisory platform dedicated to aiding both individuals and businesses in effectively managing their finances. Its array of services covers investment planning, retirement preparation, tax optimization, and insurance analysis. Through its user-friendly interface and tailored recommendations, FinCart equips users with the knowledge they need to make well-informed financial decisions. The platform's primary objective is to streamline financial management and offer clients the necessary tools to realize their financial objectives, whether it's saving for retirement or preparing for significant financial milestones.

Anmol Gupta, a Certified Private Wealth Manager (CPWM) from CIEL, and an accredited Investment Planning Specialist by FPSB India, serves as the Senior Wealth Consultant at Fincart, based in Kolkata. Her expertise and qualifications enhance the platform's ability to provide expert guidance and support in the realm of financial planning.

A-4, A Block, Sector 9, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


Manish Gupta - Equinox Investment Advisors

Manish Gupta - Equinox Investment Advisors

SEBI RIA No: INA100017186

Manish Gupta is the dedicated proprietor of Equinox Investment Advisors, where he operates as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) authorized by SEBI under license number INA100017186. Situated in the vibrant city of Noida, Manish brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the realm of financial planning and investment advisory. His commitment to providing exceptional service and guidance sets him apart in the industry, ensuring that clients receive trusted and reliable advice to achieve their financial goals.

As an SEBI-registered Investment Advisor, Manish upholds the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, making him a trustworthy resource for individuals seeking expert financial guidance. With his wealth of knowledge and a client-centric approach, Manish is dedicated to assisting his clients in navigating the complexities of wealth management, ultimately leading them toward a more secure and prosperous financial future. Under his capable guidance, Equinox Investment Advisors serves as a beacon of financial wisdom and stability for those looking to enhance their financial well-being.

Manish's presence in Noida serves as a testament to his commitment to the local community, where he actively contributes to the growth and financial stability of individuals and families in the region. His status as an SEBI-registered Investment Advisor underscores his dedication to providing transparent and client-focused financial solutions, further establishing his reputation as a reliable and esteemed professional in the field.

B-102, Sector 50, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


Arun Mandal - Box Personal Financial Advisors (Am Investment Advisors & Associates)

Arun Mandal - Box Personal Financial Advisors (AM investment Advisors & Associates)

FPSB No: IN150281 | SEBI RIA No: INA100004871

Box Personal Financial Advisors is a prominent wealth management firm situated in Delhi NCR, specializing in offering comprehensive advisory and wealth management services to High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) families and NRIs in the region. Their journey, which commenced in 2016, has been marked by a strong reputation for simplifying investment strategies while simultaneously enhancing financial outcomes for their clients. The ultimate result is an increase in financial freedom and resources, empowering families to pursue their true sources of happiness and fulfillment.

Their approach to wealth management is both extensive and intensive, covering a wide range of wealth-related aspects while also delving into each area with meticulous attention to detail, constructing robust frameworks for financial success. To their clients, they are more than just financial advisors; some view them as their private Chief Financial Officers, providing invaluable guidance and insight, while others see them as personal coaches, steering them toward their financial goals with unwavering dedication.

Arun, the founder of BOX Personal Financial Advisors, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that client portfolios align with the firm's investment philosophy. With over 9 years of experience in crafting and managing wealth solutions for Ultra HNI families, Arun holds qualifications such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Masters in Finance from Delhi University, CA Final, and is a CFA USA level 3 candidate. His expertise and commitment make him an instrumental figure in guiding their clients toward financial prosperity and success.

D-33, Sector 2, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


Ajay Yadav - Wise Funds (A Digital Initiative Of Wise Finserv)

Ajay Yadav - Wise Funds (A Digital Initiative of Wise Finserv)

FPSB No: IN150368 | SEBI RIA No: INA100000796

Wise Funds emerged in response to a significant shift in the corporate landscape, where a product-centric approach began to take precedence over a client-centric approach, leading to a misalignment of organizational goals and client financial objectives. The inception of financial planning and investment advisory services at Wise Funds was the brainchild of two accomplished and like-minded professionals, Ajay Kumar Yadav and Charu Pahuja. Their vision was to offer nationwide Financial Planning Services by harnessing the power of technology platforms and establishing high standards in the practice of financial planning. Their objective extended beyond merely enhancing the company's balance sheet; it encompassed the noble mission of disseminating sound financial planning practices as a social responsibility. At Wise Funds, their mission is to become a trusted partner to every customer, guiding them toward the realization of their financial goals through impartial financial advice.

Their approach revolves around the creation of highly personalized financial plans, meticulously tailored to ensure that clients' financial objectives align with their unique risk profiles. They deliver comprehensive insights and relevant expertise, offering sophisticated investment strategies that cater to even the most intricate goals and individual needs. To ensure the satisfaction of every customer, they have established a robust system and processes, setting a benchmark that no client should be left unsatisfied.

At Wise Funds, they leverage the expertise of a skilled advisory team, a robust technology platform, and top-tier infrastructure to serve clients on a global scale. Recognizing the importance of transcending geographical barriers, their management consistently invests in technological advancements to cater to clients worldwide. Mr. Ajay Yadav, with over 19 years of experience spanning the Pharmaceutical and Financial Services Industry, plays a pivotal role at Wise Funds. His extensive background includes managing large teams across various functions and possessing an in-depth understanding of the Financial Services Industry, particularly in Wealth Management and Banking products. Mr. Yadav is a seasoned Wealth Manager with a profound grasp of Financial Planning, characterized by a track record of cultivating enduring relationships with high net worth individuals across the globe. Prior to his tenure at Wise Finserv, he held positions at renowned organizations such as Torrent Pharma, Reliance Capital, ICICI Bank, DBS Bank, and ICICI Securities Private Wealth. He holds an MBA from Chennai University and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) accredited by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB).

G-05, Sector 3, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


Charu Pahuja - Wise Funds (A Digital Initiative Of Wise Finserv)

Charu Pahuja - Wise Funds (A Digital Initiative of Wise Finserv)

FPSB No: IN150369 | SEBI RIA No: INA100000796

The inception of Wise Funds can be traced back to a critical observation in the corporate world, where many organizations began adopting a product-centric approach to meet their goals, inadvertently sidelining the essential client-centric focus required to achieve clients' financial objectives. The journey into financial planning and investment advisory services at Wise Funds began when two seasoned and like-minded professionals, Ajay Kumar Yadav and Charu Pahuja, recognized the need to offer Financial Planning Services nationwide by harnessing the power of technology and setting industry-leading standards for financial planning practice. Their vision extended beyond mere financial growth, aiming to spread the gospel of sound financial planning as a social responsibility. At the core of Wise Funds' mission is the commitment to becoming a trustworthy partner to each client, guiding them to achieve their financial aspirations through unbiased financial advice.

At Wise Funds, they design highly individualized financial plans, meticulously tailored to ensure their clients' financial goals align with their unique risk profiles. They provide an extensive range of insights and expertise, delivering sophisticated investment strategies that cater to the most intricate goals and requirements of their clients. To guarantee that no customer is left unsatisfied, they have established a robust system and process that adheres to the benchmark of exceptional service.

With a proficient and skilled advisory team, a cutting-edge technology platform, and exceptional infrastructure, Wise Funds serves clients globally. The management at Wise Funds is committed to breaking down geographical barriers, which is why they continually invest in technological advancements to better serve clients across the world. Ms. Charu Pahuja, with over 17 years of experience spanning banking, investment advisory, and wealth management, leads the way as a Wealth Manager and Director at Wise Finserv. Her in-depth knowledge of various investment asset classes and strategies, combined with her strong track record of building relationships with high net worth clients, positions her as a guiding force in the company. As a mentor involved in the investment management business, she focuses on portfolio services for private clients in India and abroad. Her professional journey has included roles at HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, DBS Bank, and ICICI Securities-Private Wealth Management. She holds an MBA in Finance from NIILM-CMS, Delhi, and is a Certified Financial Planner accredited by FPSB.

G-05, Sector 3, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


Saurabh Tyagi - Clovek Wealth Management

Saurabh Tyagi - Clovek Wealth Management

SEBI RIA No: INA100014879

Clovek Wealth Management Private Limited stands as a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, demonstrating their commitment to providing expert financial guidance and services.

Saurabh, an integral part of their team, brings five years of valuable experience in the Wealth Management sector, acquired through his tenure at reputable institutions such as ICICI Securities and HDFC Bank. His role primarily centers around serving as an investment analyst and contributing his expertise to Clovek's product team, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping their offerings and strategies. Saurabh holds an MBA in Finance from BITS, Mesra, reflecting his solid educational foundation and proficiency in the financial realm.

With a strong and experienced team that includes Saurabh, Clovek Wealth Management Private Limited is dedicated to providing clients with top-notch financial planning and investment services that cater to their unique needs and aspirations.

D-115, GULSHAN VIVANTE, SECTOR-137, NOIDA - 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


Arun Mathur - Dhantripti Financial Planners

Arun Mathur - Dhantripti Financial Planners

FPSB No: IN150990 | SEBI RIA No: INA000017499

Fee Only:

Arun Mathur is the driving force behind Dhantripthi Financial Planners, where he serves as the proprietor. With a SEBI RIA registration number (INA000017499), Arun Mathur's expertise in financial planning and advisory is offered to clients from his base in Noida. His dedication to providing sound financial guidance and personalized solutions has established him as a trusted professional in the field. Whether you're seeking assistance in investment, wealth management, or financial planning, Arun Mathur's extensive knowledge and experience make him a valuable partner in helping you achieve your financial goals.

As the proprietor of Dhantripthi Financial Planners, Arun Mathur brings a wealth of experience and a client-centric approach to the table. His SEBI RIA certification underscores his commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards, ensuring that clients receive expert advice and guidance that aligns with their unique financial needs and aspirations. With a strong presence in Noida, Arun Mathur is well-positioned to provide his services to individuals and families seeking to enhance their financial well-being.

Dhantripthi Financial Planners under Arun Mathur's leadership strives to create tailored financial plans that not only secure the future but also offer a peace of mind. The dedication to understanding each client's distinct financial landscape allows for the development of strategic financial solutions that lead to long-term prosperity. As a reliable source of financial advice and guidance, Arun Mathur and his firm are here to help clients navigate the complex world of finance and investments.

Flat No 803, Tower 38, Lotus Espacia, Sector 100, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh.


How do I Find the Best Financial Planner in Noida?

When you’re searching for a wealth adviser or a financial planner in Noida, you may be wondering where to begin your search. More often than not, most people often ask “how do I find a good financial planner in Noida?”. Locating a good financial planner can be challenging, but it’s not hard.

Here is how to find a good financial planner in Noida:

  • Wealth Adviser Referrals: The traditional way of finding a financial planner is through personal and professional referrals.
  • Wealth Adviser or Financial Planner Association Websites: You can often locate financial planners through various association websites.
  • Using a Service Like ours - Best Financial Planners: Best Financial Planners helps you narrow down your search for a financial planner or a wealth adviser in Noida you can trust.

Even with the use of referrals and association websites, all the hard work is still going to come from your end. This means you’ll have to interview and research the shortlisted financial planners in Noida to ensure they’re the best fit for your needs. However, there is an easier way to find a financial planner: using Best Financial Planners helps you mitigate most of the hard work. We provide curated list of top 10 or best, trusted and reputable financial planners in Noida you can hold in high regard.

What to Consider When Choosing a Certified Financial Planner or Registered Investment Adviser in Noida?

Before you begin the process of choosing a financial adviser in Noida, you want to be sure the advisor you choose is right for you. All of our financial planners in Noida are highly rated and carry a proven success rate. However, you may want a wealth advisor who specialises in an area that’s custom-tailored to your goals.

Every financial planner or wealth adviser on Best Financial Planners carries a wealth of experience and expertise. However, each financial advisor will likely have their own area of expertise — an aspect that they’re best suited for. If your goals are long-term, short-term, high-risk, or low-risk, you want to be sure the wealth advisor you’re choosing is best for you.

Best Financial Planners helps you cut out the research phase of this stage by providing you with financial planners and their listed specialties. Simply look at the wealth adviser’s profile for the “best for” section to find a financial planner that matches your needs.

If you are looking for a financial planner in Noida, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Qualifications, Certifications, and Accreditations: Find out what qualifications, certifications, and accreditations do the financial planner has? These do not necessarily make them the best financial planners, but at least it sets a baseline of expertise.
    • If your chosen financial planner, wealth adviser, or investment advisor is a SEBI RIA then make sure he/she is registered with BASL as it is mandatory. You can verify this be visiting the BASL member check website and by entering financial planner's SEBI RIA no:.
    • Also you must find out whether your selected financial planner is an individual financial advisor or a corporate (LLP or Pvt Ltd) financial advisor. Usually, individual financial planners are more keen to provide you a reliable financial planning advice or wealth growth advice as they are fee-only financial planners, however, there are a few fee-only corporate financial planners too. In India, corporate financial advisors can be both RIA and Mutual Fund Distributors, however, they can not provide both services to the same client. Whereas, individual financial advisors can only provide fee-only financial advisory services.
      For example - Following are 3 types of financial planners, wealth advisors, or investment advisers in India:
    • Another thing you must make sure is that your chosen financial planner MUST NOT be providing any stock tipping business activities. We do not list any such financial planners on our website, however, we CAN NOT guarantee if any listed financial planner is providing such activities.
  • Specializations and Type of Clientele: Then, find out if they have any particular specialisation or type of clientele? This can help you determine if they are best suited for your type of situation. For example: Find out if your chosen financial planner specialises in the investment advisory category you are looking for, such as, retirement, children education, tax planning, debt restructuring, etc.
  • Communication: Finally, find out what is their communication like? You need to know that you can communicate easily with them and that they will listen to your concerns and answer you questions in a timely manner. Overall, you need to be comfortable with your financial planner as you are usually dealing with some very intimate issues.

More about our financial planners in Noida?

Most of the financial planners listed by us in Noida are licensed, highly reputable, and discoverable through FPSB and SEBI RIA registrations. When we choose which financial planner to list for our website consumers, we go through a strict process of research that includes looking into the wealth advisor’s success rate, track record, specialties, and more. Whatever your situation may be, we’re confident that you will have no problem finding a financial planner that fits your needs and can get the financial planning job done at a great success for you eventually growing your wealth.