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Manish Raizada - K Star Financial Services

Manish Raizada - KStar Financial Services

Ensuring the safety and growth of their hard-earned money is paramount in today's financial landscape. KSTAR stands as a trusted financial advisor, serving over 2500 clients. Their comprehensive array of financial products spans Mutual Funds, Health Insurance, and Share Trading. They offer credit solutions, including income-generating loans and various household-purpose loans. Moreover, their insurance portfolio features life and health insurance policies, underwritten by leading Indian insurance companies through strategic partnerships. In addition, they extend term loans to microfinance institutions, providing a diverse spectrum of financial tools to meet their clients' needs.

The importance of preparing for your future cannot be overstated. By initiating regular investments at an early stage, you can secure a steady pension for yourself and your loved ones. The sooner you commence, the larger your financial cushion will become. Neglecting your retirement planning is not an option, especially in the face of increasing retirement complexity. Prudent retirement planning involves allocating your financial resources effectively to ensure a prosperous and worry-free retirement, where you can fully embrace the golden years. They offer personalized strategies tailored to your unique needs, time frame, and goals, enhancing your wealth for retirement. Furthermore, their expertise extends to Self-Managed Funds (SMF), empowering you with greater flexibility and control over your superannuation investments.

Retirement planning is not just about securing your financial future; it's about planning for a lifetime of fulfillment. Regardless of your age, addressing retirement concerns is essential to ensure your golden years are indeed golden. If you're grappling with retirement uncertainties, reach out to them today. Their dedicated team of experts is poised to alleviate your retirement-related anxieties and provide you with optimal wealth management plans. It's far better to plan for retirement proactively than to face financial worries when you can no longer generate income.

First Floor, C-39, Above Neuro Medical Centre, Near Kendriya Bhawan, Sector H, Aliganj, Lucknow - 226024, Uttar Pradesh.


Mohit Gupta - Make Finance

Mohit Gupta - Make Finance

Mohit Gupta, one of the co-founders of MAKE, brings a wealth of expertise to their team. With a diploma in treasury and risk management, he is not only a qualified investment advisor approved by SEBI but also a research analyst and retirement advisor. Beyond Mohit, their team comprises individuals with diverse qualifications, including Chartered Accountants (CA), Company Secretaries (CS), Cost and Works Accountants (ICWA), and a range of other highly qualified professionals. This collective expertise ensures that they offer comprehensive financial and investment services tailored to their clients' unique needs.

At MAKE, they pride themselves on the diverse skill set of their team, which allows them to provide holistic financial guidance. With Mohit's credentials and the combined knowledge of their professionals, they're well-equipped to offer a wide range of financial and investment solutions. Whether you're looking for investment advice, risk management strategies, or retirement planning, their team has the expertise to help you achieve your financial goals.

With Mohit Gupta's financial acumen and their team's impressive qualifications, MAKE is your go-to destination for sound financial advice and strategic planning. They look forward to serving you and assisting you in achieving your financial aspirations.

Ashiyana Colony, Sector M, Ashiyana, Lucknow - 226012, Uttar Pradesh.


Ragib Khan - Kapital Way

Ragib Khan - Kapital Way

Ragib Khan, serving as the President of Kapitalway, possesses a wealth of experience in overseeing global teams and spearheading multi-million-dollar campaigns. His professional journey has been shaped by his expertise in Financial Analysis, Investment advising, and account management, which, in turn, has molded his approach—marked by a delicate balance between mindfulness and competitiveness. Ragib's unwavering passion lies in comprehending the intricacies of cross-cultural finance management, and he considers himself an eternal learner, constantly striving to build upon his academic foundations in Finance and Management accounting, while staying abreast of the latest strategies through continuous coursework.

At Kapitalway, Ragib's insatiable thirst for knowledge and his resolute commitment to translating information into tangible results have been instrumental in his recent accomplishments. Under his leadership, he steered AUM management to exceed 25 lakhs while maintaining an impressive 125% return. Simultaneously, he revolutionized his team's productivity by introducing strategic project management techniques and ensuring a healthy work-life balance for his department.

For Ragib, mindfulness in the workplace is a cornerstone of success, and this principle permeates every facet of his life, extending beyond his professional role. His diverse interests encompass asset creation, design, gardening, and painting. Currently, he continues to serve as the President of Kapitalway, ever ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

E-3/40, Amrapali Avas Vikas Colony, Hardoi Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.


Pallav Tiwari - Jayasha Financial Services

Pallav Tiwari - Jayasha Financial Services

FPSB No: IN52406

With over two and a half decades of dedicated service, Jayasha Financial Services stands proudly as an AMFI-Registered Mutual Fund Distributor. Committed to the highest standards of customer satisfaction, they have made this principle their guiding motto throughout their journey.

At the helm of their organization is Mr. Pallav Tewari, the brain behind their success. A distinguished Chemical Engineer with a B.Tech (Hons.) from HBTI Kanpur, he is not only the proprietor of the firm but also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional. His impressive credentials include the CFP Certification, a symbol of global excellence in Financial Planning conferred by the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. Additionally, he holds numerous certificates from the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) covering a wide array of financial market topics, such as Risk Management, Mutual Funds, Cash Markets, Futures & Options Markets, and Depository Services (Demat).

Mr. Tewari's exceptional performance in both primary and secondary markets has earned him multiple accolades from UTI Securities Ltd. Furthermore, he has been recognized by JM Financial Services Limited for his accurate predictions related to SENSEX closing on budget days, solidifying his position as one of their top premium category authorized persons in equity broking.

B/187, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow - 226020, Uttar Pradesh.


Vivek Shahi - Mera Portfolio

Vivek Shahi - Mera Portfolio

At Mera Portfolio, they pride themselves on their structured and disciplined advisory approach, offering tailored portfolio solutions that align with clients' financial aspirations and milestones. Their commitment is to be the preferred Wealth Management company for affluent individuals in India.

The comprehensive range of solutions at Mera Portfolio complements their advisory services, encompassing a blend of proprietary and non-proprietary (third-party) products. They meticulously evaluate all market options to recommend product solutions within clients' overall asset allocation, ensuring an unbiased selection process. Collaborate with them to craft a wealth creation and protection plan tailored to specific needs and comfort levels.

Their expertise in estate planning, insurance, and wealth management positions clients for success while granting them the freedom to focus on what matters most. Explore their diverse portfolio of advisory services, programs, and products designed to support optimal wealth creation and protection. They emphasize the importance of meticulous estate planning to safeguard assets and ensure their efficient distribution to successive generations. Count on Mera Portfolio to provide customized financial solutions and top-notch services, streamlining investment information into easily digestible reports.

307,3rd floor Shalimar Square B.N.Road Lalbagh Lucknow-226001 Uttar Pradesh.


Dev Ashish - Stable Investor

Dev Ashish - Stable Investor

SEBI RIA No: INA100005241

Fee Only:

Dev Ashish is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, on a mission to achieve financial independence through private investment. His extensive journey in the Indian stock market spans over 15 years, and he must confess that investing holds a special place in his heart. As a SEBI Registered fee-only Investment Advisor, he takes pride in assisting individuals in organizing their financial lives.

His career has encompassed strategic roles within the banking and energy sectors, yet his true education in investing came from his hands-on experience. He holds an MBA from NMIMS Mumbai, a prestigious Indian business school, but he steers clear of the clichés typically associated with MBA programs. Instead, his investment insights are the product of years of reading and personal investment exploration.

In the initial stages of his investment journey, he concentrated on dividend investing, firmly believing in John D. Rockefeller's assertion that "I have ways of making money that you know nothing of" was referring to dividends. However, as his investment approach evolved, he adopted a Core-Satellite structure for his portfolio. The core consists of stable, reliable, financially sound, and somewhat unexciting businesses, while the satellite segment emphasizes growth investments.

Stable Investor, his platform established in 2011, revolves around three fundamental principles of Long-Term Wealth Creation: investing, personal financial planning, and common sense. Investment is his true passion, and he has devoted his life to it, especially in light of current inflation rates and the absence of a robust, government-backed social security program. He firmly believes that cleaning up one's personal finances is a crucial step toward achieving the long-term goal of wealth creation, akin to tidying your entire family's house, leaving no room for oversight.

Aditya Bhawan, Aminabad, Lucknow - 226018, Uttar Pradesh.


How do I Find the Best Financial Planner in Lucknow?

When you’re searching for a wealth adviser or a financial planner in Lucknow, you may be wondering where to begin your search. More often than not, most people often ask “how do I find a good financial planner in Lucknow?”. Locating a good financial planner can be challenging, but it’s not hard.

Here is how to find a good financial planner in Lucknow:

  • Wealth Adviser Referrals: The traditional way of finding a financial planner is through personal and professional referrals.
  • Wealth Adviser or Financial Planner Association Websites: You can often locate financial planners through various association websites.
  • Using a Service Like ours - Best Financial Planners: Best Financial Planners helps you narrow down your search for a financial planner or a wealth adviser in Lucknow you can trust.

Even with the use of referrals and association websites, all the hard work is still going to come from your end. This means you’ll have to interview and research the shortlisted financial planners in Lucknow to ensure they’re the best fit for your needs. However, there is an easier way to find a financial planner: using Best Financial Planners helps you mitigate most of the hard work. We provide curated list of top 10 or best, trusted and reputable financial planners in Lucknow you can hold in high regard.

What to Consider When Choosing a Certified Financial Planner or Registered Investment Adviser in Lucknow?

Before you begin the process of choosing a financial adviser in Lucknow, you want to be sure the advisor you choose is right for you. All of our financial planners in Lucknow are highly rated and carry a proven success rate. However, you may want a wealth advisor who specialises in an area that’s custom-tailored to your goals.

Every financial planner or wealth adviser on Best Financial Planners carries a wealth of experience and expertise. However, each financial advisor will likely have their own area of expertise — an aspect that they’re best suited for. If your goals are long-term, short-term, high-risk, or low-risk, you want to be sure the wealth advisor you’re choosing is best for you.

Best Financial Planners helps you cut out the research phase of this stage by providing you with financial planners and their listed specialties. Simply look at the wealth adviser’s profile for the “best for” section to find a financial planner that matches your needs.

If you are looking for a financial planner in Lucknow, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Qualifications, Certifications, and Accreditations: Find out what qualifications, certifications, and accreditations do the financial planner has? These do not necessarily make them the best financial planners, but at least it sets a baseline of expertise.
    • If your chosen financial planner, wealth adviser, or investment advisor is a SEBI RIA then make sure he/she is registered with BASL as it is mandatory. You can verify this be visiting the BASL member check website and by entering financial planner's SEBI RIA no:.
    • Also you must find out whether your selected financial planner is an individual financial advisor or a corporate (LLP or Pvt Ltd) financial advisor. Usually, individual financial planners are more keen to provide you a reliable financial planning advice or wealth growth advice as they are fee-only financial planners, however, there are a few fee-only corporate financial planners too. In India, corporate financial advisors can be both RIA and Mutual Fund Distributors, however, they can not provide both services to the same client. Whereas, individual financial advisors can only provide fee-only financial advisory services.
      For example - Following are 3 types of financial planners, wealth advisors, or investment advisers in India:
    • Another thing you must make sure is that your chosen financial planner MUST NOT be providing any stock tipping business activities. We do not list any such financial planners on our website, however, we CAN NOT guarantee if any listed financial planner is providing such activities.
  • Specializations and Type of Clientele: Then, find out if they have any particular specialisation or type of clientele? This can help you determine if they are best suited for your type of situation. For example: Find out if your chosen financial planner specialises in the investment advisory category you are looking for, such as, retirement, children education, tax planning, debt restructuring, etc.
  • Communication: Finally, find out what is their communication like? You need to know that you can communicate easily with them and that they will listen to your concerns and answer you questions in a timely manner. Overall, you need to be comfortable with your financial planner as you are usually dealing with some very intimate issues.

More about our financial planners in Lucknow?

Most of the financial planners listed by us in Lucknow are licensed, highly reputable, and discoverable through FPSB and SEBI RIA registrations. When we choose which financial planner to list for our website consumers, we go through a strict process of research that includes looking into the wealth advisor’s success rate, track record, specialties, and more. Whatever your situation may be, we’re confident that you will have no problem finding a financial planner that fits your needs and can get the financial planning job done at a great success for you eventually growing your wealth.